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Humus x Hortense
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humus x hortense
2 rue de vergnies
1050 brussels
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The term ‘vegan’ hardly does justice to the plant-based fine dining of Humus x Hortense, where the tasting menu changes according to the year’s 24 micros seasons.  The botanical tasting menu changes every week depending on the harvest of the wild farm Le Monde des Mille Couleurs. The restaurant strives for the highest quality of ingredients and at the same time the lowest food waste thanks to ancient conservation techniques and zero-waste cocktails.

Already in 2008, the visionary culinary couple Nicolas Decloedt and Caroline Baerten has started the concept of ‘botanical gastronomy’. After all these years of pioneering, the restaurant humus x hortense is awarded with a Michelin Red (2023) and Green Star (2021), received in 2022 the award for Best Sustainable Restaurant by Gault & Millau and got listed in the World 50 Best Restaurant guide in the category 50 Best Discovery.

Nicolas Decloedt is voted as the ‘Best Vegetable Chef’ by the renowned culinary guide Gault & Millau (15/20). And on top of that, the restaurant is listed within top 10 of 100 Best Vegetables Restaurants worldwide by We’re Smart Green Guide.

Michelin Red Star 2023
Michelin Green Star 2021Michelin adds symbol rewarding sustainable restaurants to guide

Gault Millau Sustainability Award 2022

100 Best Vegetables Restaurants

Sustainability policy

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