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Humus x Hortense
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humus x hortense
2 rue de vergnies
1050 brussels
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Humus x hortense resonates with the rhythm of the seasons. We strive for the highest quality, with a love for nature. To achieve that, we work in close interaction with Belgian producers. Our country has a rich, age-old tradition when it comes to cultivating vegetable and plant varieties. And that wealth is our inspiration. For this effort, humus x hortense is awarded with 3 toques by Good Food (Brussels), the highest achievement for a sustainable restaurant.

Nicolas Decloedt is voted as the Best Vegetable Chef of 2019 by the renowned culinary guide Gault & Millau (14,5/20), and the restaurant is listed on number 29 of the Top 100 Best Vegetables Restaurants worldwide (We’re Smart World). The original food and cocktail pairings, thorough craftsmanship and eclectic Art Nouveau interior merge into a unique experience. Where the generous French food culture and the innovative gastronomy from the North meet, there you will find humus x hortense.

2019 will be a year of celebration and many events are planned. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and be the first one to receive the invitation.