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humus x hortense
2 rue de vergnies
1050 brussels
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Chef Nicolas Decloedt was trained in some of the best fine dining restaurants in Europe. He has developed a style of cooking which is guided by high quality ingredients, botanical research and foraged edibles. The masterly compositions on each plate reflect his eye for detail as an art photographer.

Caroline Baerten – a former art historian – attended the renowned culinary institute Ter Duinen at Koksijde and additionally became a nutritionist and a WSET certified sommelière. She displays her artistic skills in the interior design and the ceramic tableware which she exclusively creates for humus x hortense.

Since January 2017, the humus food collective has joined hands with mixologist Matthieu Chaumont. He creates customized and cuisine-inspired cocktails under the flag of cocktail bar hortense.


Above all, team work is the foundation of our success. In collaboration with food scientist Maxime Willems and botanist/wild farmer Dries Delanote, the kitchen team researches forgotten and undiscovered vegetables through different preparation methods. Both kitchen and service collectively strive for the highest standards of quality.

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