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Nicolas Decloedt -now one of the Mastercooks of Belgium- was trained in the renowned culinary institute Ter Duinen and has already more than 25 years an ethical and plantbased lifestyle. Thanks to these distinct pathways he has developed a style of cooking which is guided by botanical research through 24 microseasons and a love for the terroir. The masterly compositions on each plate reflect his eye for detail as a former art photographer.

Caroline Baerten attended the same culinary institute and since then they are inseparable partners in their culinary endeavours. Besides chef she additionally became a WSET certified sommelière and mixologist. A unique professional background leading to cuisine-inspired cocktails and zero-waste, botanical mocktails served along the tasting menu. As a former art historian, she displays her artistic skills in the interior design and home-made ceramic tableware at humus x hortense.

Above all, team work is the foundation of success. Together with food scientist Maxime Willems (Proef!), botanist/wild farmer Dries Delanote (Le Monde des Mille Couleurs), Steven Desair (Eatmosphere) and our international team of young chefs, we are a food collective guided by sustainable principles, a zero-waste and circular approach to the food system and a love for regenerative agriculture.

Nicolas, Caroline, Dries and Alexandra Swenden are the founders of Soilmates, a movement and event that annually unites farmers, artists, scientists and chefs.


Please contact [email protected] for job applications.
More info about internships. Send your CV, internship period and motivation letter to [email protected] (mentioning ‘humus x hortense’)

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